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Sam Younès

President and Chief Executive Officer

Sam Younes, President and Chief Executive Officer

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Sam has been active in banking and wealth management since 2001, primarily for private clients. Before joining Altium, he was Executive Director at a major international bank in Canada, Associate Portfolio Manager at one of the first independent investment consulting firms established in Canada, and Personal Banker with a Canadian bank.

Rolf Spielmann

Senior Vice President, Compliance and Investments


Rolf acquired his experience in investment markets over more than 40 years, primarily in Canada. Since 1986, he works with high net worth families and individuals. Previously he was a Senior Vice-President Compliance and Investments with a Montreal-based investment consultant.

Dominic Blais

Vice President, Business Development

Dominic Blais, Vice President, Business Development

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Dominic has accumulated 15 years of experience in wealth management. Before joining Altium as Vice-President, he worked with high net worth clients for a Canadian Bank, Dominic also served as bank branch manager for the same financial institution. As such he was able to develop an expertise in wealth management as well as in financial planning.

Oliver Balleani

Director, Finance, Operations and Technology

Oliver Balleani, Director, Finance, Operations and Technology

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Oliver has over a decade of finance and accounting experience. Prior to Altium, he was a consultant and comptroller to various entrepreneurs. Earlier in his career, Oliver was a securities analyst at a portfolio management firm catering to high net worth clients.

Alexandre Bellefleur

Director, Operations and Client Services

Alexandre Bellefleur, Associate Director, Investments

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Alexandre holds a bachelor degree in finance from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. After his practical training as an intern in the investment and compliance for a government institution, he joined Raymond Chabot Private Wealth in 2011.

Christine Meszaros

Associate Director, Senior Assistant to Advisors

Christine Meszaros, Associate Director, Senior Assistant to Advisors

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Christine brings 14 years’ experience working closely with high net worth clients of a major international bank. Prior to joining the bank, Christine for several years worked for a mutual fund company in Vancouver. At Altium, she provides our clients with the exceptional service which is our trademark. Feel free to contact Christine if you have questions or require help with your account.

Benoit Brouillette

Director, Systems and Investment Operations

Benoit Brouillette, Associate Director, Investments

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Benoit has over 17 years of experience in the financial industry and has developed a detailed expertise in investment administration, operations, systems and trading. Prior to joining Altium, he worked at our primary custodian, where he collaborated with our team since the launch of Altium.

David Zannella

Director, Investments

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David brings with him over 10 years of experience in designing investment solutions, both for high net-worth individuals and institutions.  Prior to joining Altium, he acted as director of multi-asset solutions for a Canadian insurance company, as an investment banker for a large French bank and was part of an institutional relationship management team for a premier European-based investment manager.